Spray Painting Booths

Spray painting facility solutions for every application.

The driving need for a spray booth

BlastOne offers both products and services that will help you implement or upgrade your spray painting process now to ensure you maintain your quality and efficiency long into the future.

With the pressure of much-needed environmental and climate preservation, government regulations and increasing work health and safety (WHS) awareness it is a constant concern for many organizations to ensure their production facilities and processes are safe and compliant.

Regulatory authorities now require that any paint spraying operation is carried out in a controlled and contained work area that complies with the respective industry standards and authority requirements.


BlastOne is committed to being at the forefront of the next generation in coating and finishing solutions.

By designing and constructing paint facilities for multiple industrial applications - from small bench paint booths to multi-million -dollar combination paint and blasting facilities. The facilities can be designed to handle small manufacturing parts, right up to large ship and aerospace sections. BlastOne can design and construct any facility to suit your individual application requirements while meeting your deliverable and financial expectations. With a BlastOne coating chamber your business is guaranteed to achieve superior performance and results

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