Blasting automation with robotics

Remove the manual from the labor with robotics.

Typical industrial robotic systems, require accurate, fixed infrastructure that is purpose built for the robots. This level of infrastructure investment means that robots are mostly used in mass manufacturing settings, such as the automotive industry. These types of robots are ideal for relatively simple, repetitive jobs but they require accurate programming and accurate positioning of the components that they are working with.

Productivity is the key to profitabilty in the modern age.

Significant productivity gains can be realised by converting to robotically controlled abrasive blasting. Robots do not suffer from fatigue, allowing for continuous production compared to manual blasting. Zero fatigue also allows for blasting at higher pressures, again increasing productivity. Blastman robots offer constant high quality with complete flexibility and full coverage blasting.

Cost savings can also be achieved through more efficient use of labor. Productivity easily more than doubles when an operator controls the process automatically rather than manually blasting. This substantially reduces the finished cost of blasting.

Increased Quality - the tirelessness of a robot ensures quality levels do not fall away due to fatigue or distraction. If a quality issue is suspected, just tweek the program.

Blastman Experiance

In partnership with Blastman Robotics of Finland, BlastOne supply robotic technologies to the corrosion control industry. Blastman delivered their first robotic blast facility in 1985.

Ease of Use

Considerable research and development has gone into the design of the control system to ensure that only low levels of programming skills are required for successful use.


Blastman delivered their first robotic blast facility in 1985. In the intervening 30+ years they have designed, developed and installed over 120 robotic blasting facilities around the world.

Help when you need it

Blastman direct factory support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, often utilizing remote log in capabilities to facilitate this support. Consequently Blastman’s engineers are able to ensure that your robotics blasting facility is able to maintain continuous production.


30 years of design, building and maintaining robotic abrasive blasting facilities has given Blastman the opportunity to develop systems that have the necessary durability to provide an excellent ROI. While placing computer controls in an abrasive blasting chamber would not normally be done, Blastman, however, has developed the comportment that their robots will meet the durability requirements of the aggressive environment inside a blast chamber.

Blastman Robotic Range

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