Material handling equipment

Moving work pieces without breaking the back.

It is important to carefully select the correct layout of your new facility. What phases will your material need to pass through from the time it reaches the blast and painting part of your facility, until it is coated and ready to leave. Often adding in some additional storage and staging space into your plans can make a world of difference to the flow of your finishing facility.

After you have planned out your space with our facility design team, you will need to make a decision on what type of material handling system you will use in the blast and paint area. You will need to calculate what your largest part dimensions and weight is for 90% of your work, don’t build a system to handle the once a year project.

Material Handling Solutions

There are many different Material Handling Solutions available, below we have listed out the most common utilized in the industry. If you have any questions, we would be glad to help you in detail to recommend the best solution for your unique application.