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3 Beneficial Uses For Using UV Light On Your Blasting and Painting Projects

3 Reasons Why Blasters and Painters Should Have A UV Light In Their Toolbox


  1. To achieve an SP10 level of surface cleanliness, the specifications require the surface be free of all grease, oil, and contaminants. What your eyes can’t detect can easily be detected with UV lighting.
  2. When working inside hydrocarbon storage tanks (methane, propane, butane, etc) – or if hydrocarbons are introduced in the compressed air or tracked in on workers shoes, UV light will easily pick these up.
  3. Finally, some manufacturers incorporate a UV trace within the coating itself. This is helpful in situations where lighting is exceptionally poor (eg ballast tank). The UV trace is great for identifying when the paint crew has achieved full coverage of the project surface.
    • Use an UV reflective primer, and any area or seams that remains uncovered by the topcoat will easily shows under UV light.
    • Or perhaps you’re concerned about full coverage of the second coat because it’s often hard to determine if the second application has complete and consistent coverage. By using a UV trace in only the second coating, you can easily see where gaps and lapses of coverage may be.