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4 Recommendations that minimize overspray

The most common and oftentimes unavoidable waste of paint is due to over spraying. All forms of waste affect profitability, and so below are four simple tips that are within a painter’s control to minimize overspray and maximize profitability.

Tip 1

Pressure is key.  Always attempt to spray at the lowest possible pressure which still atomizes the paint. Higher pressures result in more overspray.

Tip 2

One way to assist the process of lowering your pressure is by warming your paint. Heated paint flows more evenly and requires less pressure to effectively spray an even coating.

Tip 3

When spraying outdoors in windy conditions, test spraying vertically. Wind usually sweeps across surfaces in a horizontal direction.  Spraying with horizontal strokes, the wind can scatter your spray over areas already coating on the horizontal axis.  By spraying vertically, the scattered spray loss is minimized because it will affect areas not yet sprayed.

Tip 4

Spray at a 90 degree angle to the surface.  Spraying perpendicular as opposed to an angle reduces the amount of overspray.

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