Airless paint hose safety and correct pressure rating

BlastOne’s Master Technician, Kerry Cooper, discusses airless paint hose safety and correct pressure rating

So, the airless gun itself is attached by a section of hose. The section of airless hose has two aspects of it. One is that has a pressure rating indicative to the capacity of the pump.

So, in this case, because the 6000 psi, we’re looking at 7600 psi maximum burst pressure, primarily because, if we use something with a lower pressure rating, it would be dangerous.

These hoses here are wire braid. You cannot use a ray on braid for this type of airless pump because they don’t have the wall thickness or wall capacity to be able to harness all of that pressure within this short small section or any section of hose.

So, where the hose is joined, here, for the applicator to use a whip end, what we call a whip end, which is we’ve gone from 3/8 to ¼ inch where you normally keep the whip inch short. We always keep the whip end clean because it’s near the operator.

We have to make sure that there are no abrasions, cuts, crimps anything that can cause the pressure to escape from within that harnessed section of hose. So, by keeping this clean, you ensure that you remain safe.

So, the safety aspect of this, the hoses always have a pressure rating on them. Make sure that the pressure rate is indicative to the pump. Make sure that these sections of joiner is clean and ensure that this section here up near the operator is clean as well.

This section of the gun itself is what we call a high-pressure swivel in it. The important thing to remember is, by keeping this clean, you ensure that you do have a swivel section because it is why braided hose. It is like struggling with a hydraulic snake.

So, by maintaining cleanliness around the swivel, we will ensure that the ease of operator, ease of application for the operator to be able to turn the pump, turn the gun, and manipulate the gun within the area that he’s working.

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