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Blastroom Daily Maintenance Checklist


When it comes to Preventative Maintenance for your blasting setup, the small details matter. Learn what the FIVE most commonly skipped preventative maintenance steps are and how to prevent equipment failure.



Preventative Maintenance Checklists
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Too often when we visit customers’ facilities, we find that breakdowns are occurring and productivity has slumped, due to a lack of daily and regular maintenance. We recommend that each facility executes daily maintenance and checks – which should only take you 5 minutes per day. Unfortunately, due to the simplicity of these tasks, many companies make the choice to skip some – if not all – of the recommended steps.

Here are the five most commonly skipped preventative maintenance steps:

  1. Remove any trash in the recovery system, floor grates, and the conveyors or screws. Empty trash bins where you are using a BlastOne live trash screening system.
  2. Check deadman control lines and deadman handles, particularly at each connection point for damage or air leaks. Repair or replace as necessary.
  3. Check blast hoses for any external wear and damage.
  4. Change your blasting helmet’s inner lens and install outer lenses for protection.
  5. Drain moisture from the bottom of the filter canister on the breathing air supply.

It’s the little mishaps or the “timesaving” shortcuts that result in missed deadlines, equipment failure, and loss of time – which will ultimately cost, YOU, thousands of dollars. This is why we emphasize the importance of preventative maintenance. Use this video and the provided checklist to train your team on the correct daily procedures that they need to do. This will lighten the load on the Maintenance team and keep your blastroom operational. A crew that is dedicated to doing these quick checks daily is more empowered to ensure they will have a productive day, and not have to stop in the middle of a shift because they are out of abrasive, machines fail, or have a safety incident.

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