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Correct triggering of airless spray gun

BlastOne’s Master Technician, Kerry Cooper, shows how to correctly trigger an airless spray gun


The airless gun this one’s @xt r7 so an airless gun

There are two aspects to an airless gun. One is, yes, it’s a spray gun but the difference between this and the conventional gun, primarily, is a conventional gun you’ll pull the trigger on one stage pull the trigger further second stage.

So, on a conventional gun, first, Paul primary stage – air; second, Paul secondary stage – paint.

With this gun, pull the trigger on, bang its paint so

The mistake a lot of people make is they treat this like a conventional gun and now squeeze the trigger on.

It’s the worst thing you can do it because what’s happening is you’ve got immense pressure coming up here.

Depending on the size of pump, anything up to 7,600 psi, when you start squeezing that trigger on as the fluids release pass the ball and seat. It cuts a track in the ball and seat very quickly.

So, with air less guns at either on or it’s off, it’s on or it’s off.

Now, there’s nothing wrong when you’re spraying to pull the trigger.

Let it go. Pull the trigger.

Let it go but make sure it’s a clean actuation straight through on deep.

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