Increase Blasting Productivity By Optimizing Your Bull Air Supply Hose

In this Primed Insight we’re explaining how switching out a single air supply hose can increase blasting productivity by 12% each day.

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Ensuring Compliant Breathing Air

In this week’s Primed Insight we’re going to clear up a few misconceptions about Grade D (USA) / 1715:2009 (AU/NZ)…

Knock-Off Abrasive Metering Valves

In this week’s Primed Insight, Daniel highlights a story of a cheaper blast pot and valve that we were very…

Myths about Robotic Abrasive Blasting

In this week’s Primed Insight, we sat down with Kristian Pietiläinen from Blastman Robotics to discuss the myths associated with…

Water Blasting Headaches Solved! Introducing the Mist Blaster.

In this week’s Primed Insight, Wayne explains how BlastOne developed a water blasting technology second to none. All the problems…

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