Introduction to Dehumidification Equipment

BlastOne’s Master Technician, Kerry Cooper, introduces dehumidification equipment

This unit has the capacity to change the environment in which you enclosed. Dehumidification has significantly changed our industry in relation to how we approach the job and how we can actually complete a job.

So, historically, what we’ve done is we’ve been open to the elements in relation to how we can complete a job. So, we are governed by what the elements do and that is the environmental elements.

So, this unit here enables me to monitor and control the environment in which I encapsulate. So, there’s the trick, the encapsulation. So, if I encapsulate an environment now and we’ve got all these great pieces of equipment available to us, we can with encapsulation, cladding, encompass, or totally control an environment with these particular units.

So, if I use a cladding like power clad, it capsulate the unit or the area that I wish to contain and monitor/control. This unit has the capacity to do that and as I said 3,000 liters a second, it’s amazing.

So, how does it work? What it actually does is with your encapsulated area and ducting. The utilization of ducting. You put the ducting into the encapsulation.

So, then this machine will draw the environmental air from the enclosure and run it through this machine to what we call a desiccant wheel.

So, you’ve got fans that are drawing the air from the environment we’ve contained running it through the machine the desiccant wheel is picking up how much moisture
there is in the air and processing that moisture.

So, the grains of moisture within a cubic meter can be controlled. So, say for example, if you understand dewpoint, dewpoint dominates how we can coat a surface. This gives us the opportunity can trial that dewpoint. So, we’re taking the moisture out of the air and the desiccant wheel in this machine is removing the moisture and giving it the air back to me.

So, it’s drawing it in, processing it, and giving it back. To be in such a state, that it’s no moisture, its moisture free and slightly warmed. So, it’s moisture free and slightly warmed.

Well, let’s think about this. What if it’s really hot? Also, with this particular machine I can actually put an air conditioning unit on this. So, they could cool the air before it goes in and comes back to me. But if it’s cold, well, I could also put a heater on this which, we call a bank heater, on the back of it. So, that it’s drawing warm air in still processing the moisture within the air and sending it through to be nice and warm.

So, look at all the parameters I’ve got. If it’s too hot I can cool the air. If it’s too cold I can warm the air. But this machine is still removing the grains of moisture within that cubic meter of air that I’m trying to process. So, its capacity is quite significant.

So, what are the features and benefits of that? Well, that enables me to not only control the environment that I’m trying to work in but also to the substrate that I’m working on. He’s kept at an ambient temperature. So, hang on a minute if the substrate is kept at an ambient temperature. I can work 24/7.

So that’s what I’m saying about this machine. It has significantly changed our industry with the introduction of controlled air.

So, if I blast an area, which is say for example, a steel substrate and I’ve encapsulated the area and I’m controlling the ambient air, the significance of that is that I can blast and leave the blast open.

Well, what do you mean leave the blast open? I don’t have to paint it. So, I could go for days, even weeks, months if I wish to as long as I control that environment with this particular machine.

So, if I can leave the blast open that means that I can just continue to blast then come back and blow the entire structure down and paint it. What a great advantage in relation to productivity and that’s what this enhances, the productivity. The availability to be able to blast something, leave it blasted, retain the blast, hold the blast, and then eventually come back and paint it when it suits me, and I’m not controlled by the environment.

So, historically, what we’ve done is we’ve blasted and tried to paint that blast to save the blast as soon as possible before the environment or ambient temperatures affect the blast that I’ve just done.

So, in a coastal environment, the added advantages are quite substantial because you’ve got salt in the air and so forth. So, this particular unit because you’ve been capsulated, controls the environment in which I’m in.

So, therefore, it might take on one side of it, ambient air but it will process that as well before it sends it through to me.

So, what we try to do is we do a circle. So, the air within the encapsulation we have is the warm air or the controlled air is sent into the encapsulation but then it’s taken back out and processed through this and then put back into me.

So, it’s doing a beautiful circle in relation to controlling what the temperature is, what the moisture is and so forth.

So, bonus, bonus, bonus. In relation to productivity, it is a big enhancement, primarily, because we can split shifts. Now, we can work 24/7 to get a job completed within
a reasonable time.

These machines are not difficult to operate, primarily because, the functionality of it is controlled with a computer board. There’re trip switches and so forth in there for the unit to trip in and out a sit as is required in relation to temperature, in relation to its ability to run and contain and maintain the environment in which I’m in.

So, you can see here the control board itself is relatively simple because it’s all labeled in relation to what I’m doing.

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