Lifting Mobile Dust Collectors

BlastOne’s Master Technician, Kerry Cooper, discusses lifting mobile dust collectors


So, relates to draining that receiver tank on top it is indicative to relative humidity. What’s relative humidity got to do with this? Primarily, if your compressor is not hooked up to her and after cool or air prep the compressor will tend to make a lot more moisture and send it through this line.

So, you’ve got a moisture trap here but it’s not going to stop all of it. So, where it says drain that daily, if it’s high relative humidity. So, it looks like rain, for example, you need to train drain that receiver tank up there during the course of the day. So, periodically, just crack that valve on the drain for the tank to ensure that there’s not
excessive moisture in that receiver sent through the Goyan valves or the pulse valves.

Make sure that when you put your hose, you’re connecting coupling here for the air type coupling. You do put two pins in it and appropriate the hose out of the way. Also, while we’re in this area, it says on this particular unit (particularly on the base), it said spreader bar must be used when craning this equipment.

So, in a spread of hour, all it’s doing is where the change or the slings are. It spreads the load away from this particular unit because if you lift this unit without utilizing
your spreader bar, you’ll actually squash the top of the container where the slings or chains come up. So, the apex of it is spread at a distance utilizing what we call a spreader bar. So, that’s utilized whenever we lift this with a

Also, you’ll have fan. This, in the center on either side, is an indication to the crane driver or the dogman, where the center of the unit, is to give them some indication in relation to lift and centralization of that lift.

So, imperative aspects spread of our centralization spreading the load making sure that it’s all appropriate prior to lifting this equipment. So, it’s easy to forget those type of things I mention that because it is an easy oversight.

So, spreader bars appropriate lifting likes and they are weight-rated lugs. We utilize the lugs themselves. We don’t sling around alternate aspects or parts of this particular frame. We utilize the lifting lugs. They’re there for a purpose. Use them

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