Overcoating onto a mist coat when using an airless sprayer

BlastOne’s Master Technician, Kerry Cooper, shows how to overcoat onto a mist coat when airless spraying


Okay. So, now, seems left this the 10 minutes, the flash. You can see his actions a lot slower. So, what it enables us to do is to actually apply another coat over sparse coding and achieve coverage.

So, Sam will check his wet film thickness. Now, to ensure that he’s got the appropriate amount of paint in conjunction with spec and data. So, by using his wet film comb, he’d be able to push it into the surface and make sure that he’s got the 50 microns that we’re looking for, which is beautiful.

So, you can see with these applications, doing half overlaps. So, overlap half, I’ve allowed to ensure that he’s got good coverage and even coverage. So, you could see the way he’s applying the product, he’s keeping himself as perpendicular to the surface as you possibly can and that ensures that you’ve got good coverage.

It could even film build throughout the entire surface so if he stops and starts you get lost, you would know where you are in relation to application.

So, there you go guys. That’s a topcoat polyurethane application. Now, if that was an epoxy primer, I’d be a lot slower in its application. I’d use it and get far bigger tip. When I say far bigger, you’d be up around the 21, 22, 23, and even 25, depending on the viscosity and the volume solids of the product itself.

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