Schmidt Bulk AmphiBlast for Rental

The Schmidt Bulk AmphiBlast™ , available to rent from BlastOne, combines the features of a MegaBlaster and dustless vapour abrasive blasting. It has a super large capacity that allows 2-4 blasters to blast for 8 hours each without stopping to refill the blast pot. The AmphiBlast allows blasters to operate independently of each other to mist blast, dry blast, Softwash™ or blow down.

This means multiple operators can perform mist blasting AND dry blasting at the same time!

BlastOne has a huge range of rental equipment with over 1000 items in our fleet across the USA ranging from Blast Pots and Mist Blasters to Vacuum Systems and Dust Collectors.

It’s the special extras that come with our rental equipment that sets BlastOne apart.
• 40 years experience in the corrosion control industry
• Multiple locations around the USA – Fast delivery!
• Technical support throughout duration of rental
• Flexible rental duration
• Training for specialized equipment


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