Spraying a mist coat

BlastOne’s Master Technician, Kerry Cooper, demonstrates how to spray a mist coat


So, what Sam’s doing now is he’s applying a light coat on the edges to ensure that he gets a good coverage on the edge.

Now, filling the center in. So, that’s a what we call a sparse coat. So, he’s not trying to cover it by covering the surface. What I mean is the opacity of the blue is not sufficient enough to block out the white.

So, because Sam’s an experienced operator, he’s flicking the edges out. He’s not actually releasing the trigger.

So, he’s put a lot of coat on all the edges and follow through with filling in the center of the beams.

So, you must remember too, on a container at this, you must make sure that you get all phases, all edges.

And then the airless tip as you can see, brings him well off the surface to enable him to get good coverage on all phases and all aspects of the targets.

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