Start-up of diesel air compressor

BlastOne’s Master Technician, Kerry Cooper, discusses the start-up of a diesel air compressor

So, to start the machine I’ve done all these checks. So, these checks are written up here for you as a ready reckoner; to ensure that all of this is appropriate to start the machine.

It’ll also have a service date compliance which is completed when they service the machine. So, you need to check that periodically to make sure that you are in accordance with the due date or compliant with the requirement as far as maintenance is concerned.

It’s important you understand all of these fundamentals before you push this start button.

Most of these machines now will have an emergency stop. So, the emergency stop consists off the switch being depressed which isolates everything on the machine.

When I say everything gets a leak, whole system say you can’t start anything. So, make sure that is clicked back out again because it doesn’t matter how much you press these items here to start the machine if that is depressed nothing or actuated.

So, with the emergency stop released, I can now start the machine.

So, is it level? Yes.

Are the valves off? Yes.

Is the park brake engaged? Yes.

Have I checked all the fluids? Yes.

Everything looks good to go.

So, now in accordance with the start/stop procedure, I can go from stop to on, over to start with a warm-up control, and push the start button. The red light comes in. I’ve got 30 seconds to do that. And you see it started immediately.

So, now it’s a warm-up procedure. Leave it for 30 seconds to warm up the computers. Now, tell me how many revs are storm with a 1600? Very good to start up with.

So, the bowels still remain shut. I can’t do anything until I’ve let it have as warm-up procedure which is 30 seconds. So, be patient and let the machine warm-up.

Premature pressure or pressure requirement on the machine there’s too much of a shock for the system. So, just waited that period of time.

Watching your air pressure coming up.

Watching compression temperature won’t move for a while. Of course, because we haven’t been operating long enough.

So there, you’ll notice I’ve got all the hatches shut everything. It’s been engaged as far as the air brakes are concerned. Machine is leveled.

Now, why didn’t the appropriate time, I can go across from start to run. Now, what’s happened now is this come up to 120 psi.

Now, I’ve got volumetric air being created because the pump — the compressor itself is pumping adequate air to facilitate what I draw up here now.

So, now, I’m in this but this particular setting I’m making here need high pressure air.
So, now, you’ll hear, chase it again which brings it up to 140 psi.

There you are! It’s just chased itself.

With these valves off, I can appropriate the hoses with large radius for the bull O’s with safety clips and whip checks and accessorizing air with ID.

I could run these off these small a-type couplings with pins, with whip checks; so, whip checks, pins, whip checks, pins for all of those particular items.

So, remember, this is a 400 CFM compressor.

The fundamentals remain the same for a smaller compressor or large compressor. Check your fluids. Check your oils, battery, so forth, on all of this appropriate Seifert equipment even a fire extinguisher.

If you have all of those fundamentals in place you should have a safe happy operation.

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