Strip down of Graco XTR airless spray gun needle

BlastOne’s Master Technician, Kerry Cooper, shows how to strip down the needle of a Graco XTR airless spray gun

So, now we’ve managed to find a second pair of pliers. As I mentioned, there isn’t appropriate tool to do this but 9/10, you guys are on site and haven’t got that special tool.

So, just on the nulled section of the end of the stem here, what I’m going to do is I’m going to undo this end. Hold the needle end and undo this end. Primarily because, if you start twisting that this end, you could bend that needle.

So, here we go. So, just hold that still, twist this around like so. So, there’s your keeper. There’s the nulled section of the of the boss itself. Now, the needles out here. Now, look, how easy was that.

So, now, what we’re looking for on the needle is a couple of things. One is we’re looking for anywhere steps in the needle and there’s one right there. So, that’s where the needles been going back and forth of. Got a little step in it.

The other thing is to that we’ll need to look on here to see if there’s any grooves or sections out of this particular ball.

So, remember what I said, young guys that start using these, they tend to squeeze the trigger on. So, when they squeeze the trigger on, this is where it cuts a little track straight across the face of that and these now are married set. Believe it or not.

So, when I replaced this needle, there’s no point ringing up Blastone and saying, “I set the help. Now I only need a needle, mate.” I don’t want to see; they’re not trying to upsell to you. What they are doing is selling you a married set. So, these come as a kit and I suggest you maintain them as a kit.

So, what else have we got in this gun? So, there’s a bit of a nut thing there. And what else is there? Well, that bit of a nut thing there is actually a keeper for a little bush. So, that little bush is actually the seal that this runs in, like so. Runs in like that. But of course, the head of it runs around that way. I did it that way so you can see that I’ve got something to hang on to. So, it runs that way.

So, when you put that sealing gland in there, you have to make sure you put it together with lots of Vaseline. Don’t care if it’s a bit of grease but lots of Vaseline.

So, how do I get that one out of there? Well, that’s a bit of a quandary, isn’t it? That is a segmented nut. So, I could use a socket on that and I would suggest if you can get a socket in there, absolutely, use the socket because if I start doing this in there, I could damage the thread, the end of this so that the next poor person can’t get it undone.

So, what I’ll do now is I’ll get a socket, whack it on there, undo that, and expose the gland and I’ll show you how to pop the gland up.

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