Strip down of piston and cylinder of Schmidt Thompson metering valve

BlastOne’s Master Technician, Kerry Cooper, shows how to strip down the piston and cylinder of a Schmidt Thompson metering valve


So, now, what we have is the piston exposed in its entirety. So, there’s the length of the piston. So, now, you’ve got the opportunity to run you thumbnail or fingernail around to find if there’s any scaring.

Now, to be quite honest with you, find some scouring in this that’s really deemed to the stage where it needs to be replaced. If I’m stuck on site and again, I don’t have a replacement, I can use a little bit of wet and dry to get this the severity of the scour out but ultimately, you know that’s got to be replaced.

Now, again, the guys on the blast won’t helpdesk if you ring them and say “look I need a piston”. They can send you a kit a complete kit or they can send you a kit just with O-rings and gaskets. O-rings. I mean the Chevron seals, the piston seal here, and so forth — the neoprene seat.

So, if your ring and say, “look I just need a piston”. They’ll send you just a piston or they’ll send the whole kit for you. It just depends on what you want. I can remove that piston by undoing that nut.

How would I get that piston out of there without damaging it? Where you can see it’s slaughtered? So, what I can do is I can use a spanner a shifter or adjustable wrench and hold it on the slotted section.

Now, I can put a spanner on here and undo that and remove that and then put my new piston on there if I need to.

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