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The Best Wet Blasting? Slurry Blast or Mist Blast

Controlling Dust With Water Should Not Cause PTSD!

Slurry blasting refers to equipment where you mix both water and abrasive in the blast pot to reduce dust while blasting. Think of this as blasting with abrasive soup! So many contractors have had terrible experiences with slurry blasting that when we recommend using water to suppress dust, they recoil and let us know immediately that the headaches and costs involved with slurry blasting are far greater than any benefit they remember.

We then introduce them to our MistBlaster™. The best way to blast dust free.

The fundamental improvement with the BlastOne MistBlaster™ is that the abrasive in the pot stays dry while water vapor is injected into the hose after the abrasive metering valve. In other words, you’re not filling the pot with water.
In this week’s Primed Insight, Daniel spotlights our incredible dust suppressing technology!

Mist Blasting Is Superior To Slurry Blasting

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