VertiDrive M7 Abrasive Blasting Robot Overview

The VertiDrive M7 is a comprehensive solution for fast and efficient removal of industrial coatings, corrosion, and other types of contamination on large steel surfaces, such as storage tanks, ship hulls, and other large steel structures. The magnetic robot crawler enables operators to operate safer, faster, and more cost-efficient. The VertiDrive M7 is a versatile robot and can carry applications for HP, UHP, and abrasive blasting.

The VertiDrive M7 is our most powerful solution conquering the extra challenging, curved and irregular steel surfaces. The VertiDrive M7 adheres to the surface by using powerful permanent magnets. The M7 robot is remotely operated and enables the operator to stay on the ground and keep a safe distance from the crawler.

Compared to the VertiDrive M3, the VertiDrive M7 has a shorter, narrower wheelbase and a smaller working radius, ensuring maximum maneuverability in narrow spaces.

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