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Latest Tech From 2021 Coatings +

Latest Tech From 2021 Coatings +

Last week, BlastOne featured an assortment of the latest technology at the Coatings+ Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. This includes the new Snakebite XQ quiet nozzles, the latest Vertidrive M7 Blasting Robot, a skid-mounted MistBlaster combo, and more!

In this Video, Gavin give a brief overview of those products, along with the latest innovations from our key vendors.

Video Transcription and Links:

Greetings and welcome to BlastOne. Just want to give you a recap of what we’ve seen at the coatings+ SSPC show in 2021, It’s the last show for Coatings+ it the last show for SSPC. Next year it is AMPP, but we want to show you some of the new things we’ve got at this show. And what some of our great vendors have got here at the show, first we’ve got the Vertidrive M7 blasting robot. This robot has got three silence number eight nozzles it can pack a real punch, this is proven technology that you’ve seen from us before, but it works day in day out we’ve got plenty available across the world in our rental fleet they’re great units.

Next here we have the Vertidrive they call it the M9 painting robot, now this is brand new technology it’s the first prototype. There are several phases of prototypes coming out this is to show the new coating technology that going to be coming out in summary. You should be able to come and take a snapshot it will automatically map out it’s pathway and identify obstacles, that’s where we’re going it’s going to be fully autonomous; you’ll stick the robot on the surface it will find where it is and then it will go up down up down and completely coat the tank. Target is 90% coating with four spray guns each do the work of two guys, so eight times faster than sprayers fully automatic is where we’re going with the painting robot seriously exciting.

We come on through this unit here is another prototype it is called the Intelliblast, now this the first of several phases where we can tell you how much abrasive is being used, coming out of the abrasive metering valve per minute. So, it’s amazing in pounds or kilos per minute per hour, and the future is where you can actually get an alert on your phone, saying hey guys someone’s been using 200 pounds an hour more abrasive than they have the previous hour something’s messed up with the valve go check it, pretty powerful saving you time and money exactly when you need to know.

Don’t get to the end of the job and say oh crap we used to much abrasive, find out very quick that’s the future it’s big data that where we’re trying to go.

Heading over here, we’ve got the of course the release of the Snakebite nozzle, super pleased with the production/results we’ve had so far. So, these nozzles are a shorter version of the Snakebite, and they seriously do a great job for those smaller confined areas operators are loving them.

This bulk Amphiblast unit is made by Schmidt Axxiom Manufacturing and they do wet and dry blasting with four blasters, all independent seriously powerful. Works really good with the Vertidrive when you have three nozzles blasting on the Vertidrive and one for the guy doing the touch up the last 10% the robot can’t get, seriously powerful machine work great. Behind me here we have the RIVT unit this rotates and it’s for blasting pen stocks or tunnels, from six feet up to 32 feet it works seriously well great for pen stocks here in Arizona.

Let’s go and see some of our main vendors and we’ll fill you in more, so here we are at the GMA booth these guys are wonderful vendors of ours and they have oodles of garnet its garnet coming out of their ears. We went to the stockpile, and they have 100,000 tons of garnet in stockpile here in North America in Philadelphia. No supply chain shortages good company to work with, you can see the full range of blasting abrasives we have. From the new steel for blasting those mill scales all the way up to the extreme blast, which is great for taking of those 50ml coatings, so the full range it is fully available ready for us great partners at GMA.

Here we are the Schmidt Axxiom booth, and they are releasing this new BAB’s Deadman Control System, and it really packs a punch, making it good for the operator. The point here is it’s got a chest piece, where you can put the weight on your chest instead of your shoulder and arm. It very easy and simple for the operator squeeze the trigger and blast, so the best application is you know blasting down where the guys can sweep the floor, there’s also a longer version which extends it up to make it even easier so you can have your arms a more relaxed position. But very interested to get this into the beta phase and get out in the field for testing with some of our customers, to get that feedback the most common question that we’ve been asked about this new system is can it be used with multiple sized blast hoses the answer is yes, it’s got a simple insert which can be taken out and re-adapted for any size blast hose so the new BABS Deadman System from Schmidt is looking great.

So here we are at the Western Technology booth these guys make seriously good lights for our blasting industry. The light I want to talk about one of them is this link-a-light this is a good light for ordinary locations as in non-hazardous. So, you can’t use it for painting it works great for those blasting environments hanging on scaffolds, It comes with those attachments which makes it easy to use all the dome covers, the blasting shields. This light here is what they call the body light, and it works really good to hang on the guys torso, but it’s fully explosion proof so it’s the first time we’ve had a fully explosion proof light that works with a battery you can change in the tank. So, if we are screwing this off it’s now an inner battery once it’s disconnected but still fully enclosed so we can unscrew that and change it actually inside an explosion environment. Seriously powerful light and works great.

So here we at the Bristle Blaster booth we’ve got two things of course, we’ve got the battery Bristle Blaster which we released last year which everyone would have seen. These are great tools for doing those small touch up areas and new coming out very shortly, is this double wide bristle blaster belt. So, you can now get up to two inches or 50 millimeters of pattern on your steel substrate so it’s a good innovation coming out from the bristle blaster team and we’re super pleased to be partnering with these guys.

Here with CS Unitech and the Trelawney team a couple of new products we’ve got is now an electric needle scaler it’s a low vibration so it’s very to easy to use for the operator. And we’ve got these low vibration needle scalers, if you’ve never used a low vibration needle scaler, you’ll love these tools. I had a captain of a ship tell me we used to go to sleep to the sound of a needle scaler. Well, they can still do that, but the operator can also go for longer to keep them sleeping better.

We’re here with the industrial vacuum team and here we have a hurricane 500 vacuum system seriously powerful for sucking out all the spent abrasive out of those tanks after you’ve blast them, or out of those ships after blasting those cleanup projects. This vacuum pump’s a real punch, they’ve a great job in decorating it and if you need of these after equipment just don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we can help you out.

At the Defelsko booth these guys got some seriously good products what were going to show you here is this is the new low voltage tester that they’ve released a few years ago but what I found really useful when talking about this one, Was you got this roller sponge which is great doing larger areas and you can simply connect this red cable into the end of the tester. And roll this sponge up and down the surface so seriously good product innovation from Defelsko. We’ve also got the PosiTest SST salt testing meter this thing has great attachments as you know with the Defelsko products, you simply unclip the probe and you connect the next probe up and when you’ve got like a dewpoint meter or a dry film thickness meter, this new gauge is really good it’s now touchscreen and it’s a larger screen it’s easy to use but help functions all the way through it seriously good improvements from Defelsko.

And we’re back at the Blastone booth standing in front of the Mist Blaster, of course it’s one of those products that you can do wet blasting and dry blasting from the same Blast pot, put you’re abrasive into the pot you introduce water after the metering valve, so you can do wet and dry blasting with only using about a pint water per minute. This tank here will last you a whole day when you’re doing wet blasting which is phenomenal in this wet blasting market. Just want to Thank You for tuning in and Thank You for supporting us here at SSPC and Coatings+ thank them for a good show and you’ve got questions about any of these products don’t hesitate to reach out to BlastOne, Glad to help you out!

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