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Cold or Hot? You Decide.

We all know blasters experience some of the most uncomfortable, if not brutal conditions each day on the job.  They are surrounded by dangerously high pressure equipment, clouds of dust, exposure to the elements, sometimes hazardous materials and heights – not to mention that for several hours each day they must endure confinement in a helmet.

As the seasons once again shift, BlastOne wants to remind you there is equipment out there to improve your comfort and better your work conditions.  Whether you’re heading into freezing winter or blistering hot summer, there’s no need to be less comfortable than you can be.

One of the best RPB products we can recommend in the RPB C40 Climate Control Tube.  It’s a unique instrument in the industry because it can provide both heated and cooled air though a single device.  Simply by switching a lever, a blaster can heat their respiratory air by up to 33° F/ 18° C – or cool it by 52° F/ 29° C.

The Control Tube is also designed to ensure the exhaust air does not come in contract with the blaster’s body, thus eliminating irritation or possible injury.

And finally, a 360° swivel will allow the airline to hang directly down from the body and prevent tangling of any lines.

We want to know what questions, challenges, and problems you’re facing – either with blasting or painting – that we may be able to solve.

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