Customer Case Studies

Release Dates

03 March 2016
Sydney Harbor Bridge

Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Application: Bridge
Client: Bridge Superintendent

05 December 2016
Caterpillar 950 Loader

Application: Steel Fabricator blasting with GMA Garnet
Client: Brian, Fabricator

05 December 2016
Crude Oil Storage Tank

Location: Taft, California, United States of America
Application: Oil Storage Tank

03 February 2017
Water tank maintenance

Location: Dayton, Ohio, United States of America
Application: Tank Maintenance

05 December 2016
Petroleum Storage Tank
Location: Catlettsburg, Kentucky, United States of America
Application: Tank Maintenance
Client: Marathon Petroleum, Tank Maintenance Planner
14 March 2017
Oil Storage Tank

Location: South Carolina, United States of America
Application: Oil Storage Tank

05 December 2016
Heber water treatment plant
Location: Heber, CA, United States of America
Application: Facilitiy
Client: Large Sandblasting Company - Southern California
08 June 2017
Lift Equipment Manufacturer

Application: Blasting the deck of the lift.

07 June 2017
Doubles production speed with blasting chamber
Steel fabricator J. Oskam doubles production speed with a custom-designed blasting room.
20 February 2018
Budget-Conscious Marine Support Company Rolls Out Barge Finishing Services
Superior Marine Ways Launches Barge Finishing
20 February 2018
Rapid Expansion Pushes Manufacturer to Build New Facility
Tronair Equips New Manufacturing Site with Blast and Paint Booth
20 February 2018
A Unique Solution on a Shoestring Budget
Custom Blast Booth for Advanced Surface Finishing
20 February 2018
Steel Fabricator Migrates Finishing Operations Into Close Quarters
Steffes Corp Moves Blasting and Painting In-house
15 February 2018
Emerging Railcar Manufacturer Tackles Potential Bottleneck in Finishing Division
Vertex Railcar tackles potential bottleneck in finishing division