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Equipment Layout: Closer Is Always Better

Efficiency begets productivity – and one of the best ways to be efficient is through organization and planning.   Planning the layout of your equipment in an organized and effective arrangement can ensure a higher degree of productivity – and productivity begets profitability.

KEEP EQUIPMENT AS CLOSE TO THE BLASTERS AS POSSIBLE:  This is the most efficient rule regarding the layout of equipment.

Doing so provides these benefits:

  • Reducing the distance results in running less blast hose and air hose.
  • Running less hose reduces the possibility of bends and coiling— facilitating less wear on the equipment.
  • Having equipment closer reduces wasted time in distance traveled to acquire, refill, repair, turn on / turn off, which helps finish the job faster.
  • Closer equipment prevents pressure loss. Higher pressure equals a faster, better blast.
  • Closer proximities facilitate better communication between pot tenders and blaster/painters.

Working in smaller, confined areas, sometimes doesn’t offer the opportunity for equipment to be placed near the blasters. In such scenarios, we recommend you prioritize placing the blast pot closer to the blasters rather than the air compressor.  Pressure loss is greater in blast hoses than in air hoses due to friction.  Air with abrasive causes more friction and drag than just air alone.  This friction and extra mass cause a pressure loss.

If the project is a tank with more than one entry way, it may be more productive to move your equipment outside each portal just before blasting the adjacent inner areas.  The effort and time expended to re-establish a tight proximity to the blaster and blasting area should benefit overall productivity.

Before you start a new project, spend some time planning your jobsite equipment layout.  This will save you pressure and unnecessary delays which in turn will boost your productivity and profitability.

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