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Glass Abrasive Options

How to efficiently clean steel, aluminum, wood

Crushed glass and glass beads are the 2 most popular types of glass abrasive media currently. Crushed bead abrasive is used to leave a matte or satin appearance on the blasted surface when used.
Crushed Glass abrasive blasting media is generally made from recycled bottle glass and is a sandblasting abrasive.

Crushed Glass

Crushed glass abrasive is silica free and has no heavy metals within the abrasive. It is made solely from recycled glass.


Glass Beads

Glass beads are used to remove light coatings and on plastic, aluminum, die-cast and brass surfaces.
They are silica free and toxin free. After the cleaning process, glass beads abrasive media will leave behind round indentations on the blasted surface.
Do not use glass beads abrasive media when using a blast pot at 40psi or max pressure blasting systems.


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