Painting Kitchens & Mixing Rooms


Industrial Paint kitchens are fire-rated buildings used for the safe storage of hazardous materials and waste. Applications include paint mixing, pumping stations, paint storage and other hazardous material storage. Designed for indoor and outdoor applications, paint kitchens feature explosion relief wall panels and an extra-large spill containment.

The Construction

Paint kitchens are built with priorities on safety, ergonomics and strength. All paint kitchens are self-supporting structures made from Steel panels or ceramic products, with an engineered structure to support the airtight environment and to meet design loads on room walls, doors and roof.

Typically the kitchen will incorporate containment below a grated floor which can be made from fiberglass and be rated up to 200 lbs/sq.ft.

Supply and Exhaust Fans

Paint kitchen supply and exhaust fans are typical 12” (30cm) fans and are designed to meet spark resistant safety specifications. These fans have performance capacities up to 1600 cfm.

The fan on the supply side of the kitchen will have a filter to supply filtered air into the paint kitchen. Fans are selected to ensure the supply and exhaust airflow's to create a balanced neutral air pressure within the enclosure.

Solvent Cleaning Station

Having a solvent recycler in your paint kitchen is important to ensure you are not a large waste generator. These systems can range from very small table top systems to very large ‘washer’ size stations.


The sinks are made of type 302 stainless steel with deck mounted hot and cold water supply. Sink typically will be undercoated, complete with basket strainer drain assembly.

Common Sink Dimensions

Compartments Width Length Depth
Single 24" (610mm) 20" (500mm) 1,148'  (350m)
Double 48" (1,220mm) 19" (500mm) 9.84" (250mm)
Consult with BlastOne

By following BlastOne’s consultative approach to designing you airless wheel blasting system, you will ensure you have global best practices in the design and performance of your new asset.