Shipping Container Blast Booths & Rooms

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  • 20' or 40' shipping container (modified)
  • Container doors on one end
  • Galvanized steel plate on floor
  • Dust tight fluorescent lights on the ceiling
  • Shovel-in hopper, bucket elevator and air wash
  • Abrasive storage hopper
  • 6.5 cubic foot blast pot, single outlet
  • PPE for one operator
  • Stand alone 3500cfm cartridge style dust collector
  • Electric control panel
  • Rubber sheeting on walls
  • Separate personnel access door
  • Air inlet and air exhaust plenums for dust collection air
  • *full floor recover system is available as an option*



  • Fixed or Portable
  • Blasting under 10 hours per week
  • Work pieces less than 5' wide

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Ontario, Canada

  • Expanded Production
  • Monorail Material Handling
  • Improved Efficiency & Safety

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Mississippi, USA

  • Doubled Production
  • Reduced Particulate Emissions to Zero
  • Incorporated Cutting-Edge Technologies

Robotic Blast Room

Arkansas, USA

  • Improved Quality & Consistency
  • Substantial Competitive Advantage
  • State-of-the-Art Robotic Installation

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North Dakota, USA

  • Lowered Project Costs
  • Migrated Operations In-House
  • Tight Space Custom Engineering


If you are purchasing a turnkey blast room or building it yourself, there are 25 subjects you need to fully understand.

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  • Design Considerations
  • Abrasive Educations
  • Productivity Techniques

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