Shot Peening Systems

Make it stronger to last longer.

Different Types of Shot Peening processes

Centrifugal blast wheel

Wheel Blasting Systems consist of a high speed paddle wheel. Shot media is introduced in the center of the spinning wheel and propelled by the centrifugal force by the spinning paddles towards the part by adjusting the media entrance location, effectively timing the release of the media. Other methods include ultrasonic peening, wet peening, and laser peening (which does not use media).

Air blast systems

Abrasive media is introduced by various methods into the path of high pressure air and accelerated through a nozzle directed at the part to be peened.

Shot Blasting Media

The shot peening process requires all of its media to be well-graded shot of a consistent hardness, diameter, shape, and a mechanism for removing shot fragments throughout the process. Available equipment includes separators to clean and recondition shot, and feeders to add new shot automatically to replace the removed material.

Cut wire shot is often preferred because it maintains its roundness as it is degraded, unlike shot which tends to break up into sharp pieces that can damage the surface being worked on. Cut wire shot can also last up to five times longer than cast shot.

Testing the end result for quality

Testing the peening intensity requires the use of a specially designed system.

Almen gages allow you to quantify the peening intensity that has been achieved from the blasting process. Almen gages can come advanced digital design or less accurate dial tests.

Consult with BlastOne

By following BlastOne’s consultative approach to designing you airless wheel blasting system, you will ensure you have global best practices in the design and performance of your new asset.