Facilities and Refineries

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Why surface preparation is important for facilities maintenance

Facility Contractors face daily challenges hitting their task list... Common area's in a gas, fuel or processing refinery to blast is the pipework and pipe racks, this is where you find corrosion under insulation (CUI).  The combination of high temperatures, humidity and chemicals cause these areas to experience severe corrosion conditions and become an extremely highly corrosive environment.

Coating Systems for Corrosion under Insulation (CUI) applications are typically very expensive, meaning that only best practise will achieve the absolute ideal surface preparation, which is critical for long term coating life.  This is because you cannot see under the insulation to inspect for corrosion and if there is premature coating failure or excessive corrosion, the failure can be catastrophic. A catastrophic failure can shut a refinery down, cost multi-millions of dollars in damage, loss of profits and can be very harmful to workers in the plant.

What Abrasives are used in a Refinery?

Typically it is up to the facility owner to specify what abrasive is going to be used.  Sometimes they are very fussy about people picking up the spent abrasive and that’s another reason that they like the contractors to use pink garnet. 

To ensure higher quality surface preparation, Facilities and Refineries all over the world are specifying GMA Garnet as their abrasive of choice.

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