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Introducing The Hyper Blast Nozzle

Blasters have reported up to a 30% increase in productivity

The HYPER Nozzle ingeniously increases the velocity of the abrasive which in turn speeds up your blasting capabilities.   The following diagrams reveal the design comparison between the HYPER nozzle and a standard blast nozzle. The venturi in the HYPER Nozzle is much longer than in the standard nozzle – almost twice as long! This increases the time the air rushes down the nozzle which in turn allows for the abrasive to gain velocity.  The result is increased blasting speed and productivity.

Hyper Nozzle

Standard Nozzle

The HYPER Nozzle has a 50mm (2″ UNC) Contractor Thread and a SiNi II Grade Silicon Nitride liner for longer wear. The lightweight aluminum jacket makes the nozzle light and easy to blast with.

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