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Is There a Noise Issue on Your Work Site?

Did you know that if work sites do not meet certain territory regulations, penalties can apply? Work sites face noise pollution penalties quite often. Work sites also need to abide by and stay on top of health and safety requirements that have been put in place to manage the exposure of noise for their employees.

To ensure your equipment and worker safety is within an acceptable noise limit, consider how much noise each set of equipment emits. A few examples of equipment you can limit the noise with are dust collectors, spray machines, blast rooms and blast pots.


  • Installing mufflers on your equipment
  • Acoustic curtains
  • Acoustic sheeting

In regards to health and safety; blast helmets, ear muffs and spray hoods can reduce worker noise hazards. It is also encouraged that all noise exposure is restricted to 85 decibels or less and for 8 hours at the absolute most to make sure the chance of noise-induced hearing loss is minimized.

Make sure you are taking other things into consideration if you plan on making excessive noise, such as the environment and the other on-side trades.

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