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Is Your Blast Nozzle Hurting Your Productivity?

It may seem prudent and cost effective to try and make your blast nozzles last as long as possible.  But the truth is, continuing with a worn nozzle may be costing you much more money than the price of a new nozzle.  Blasters who replace their  nozzles regularly are more effective and productive than those who try to get an extra few weeks out of them.

When a nozzle wears out, the orifice diameter grows larger – the pressure decreases and both the air velocity and the abrasive drop in speed. As a result, the blasting slows down and cleans less of the surface.  This puts a drag on the entire system:

  • Blasters have to work harder to keep up with the timeline
  • Compressors have to work harder to keep up with inefficient air consumption
  • More fuel is burned
  • More abrasive is spent
  • Clean-up costs rise

You get the picture.  Worn blast nozzles, although they seem like a minor factor in the efficiency equation, can actually cost you 10%, 15%, possibly even 20% more than if you were to replace them with new, efficient nozzles.

Use a Nozzle Analyzer Gauge

The good news is that it’s easy to tell if your blast nozzle is worn by using a nozzle analyzer gauge. It is recommended that you measure your nozzle weekly. A rule of thumb is to always replace the nozzle when it’s worn out by 1/16 of an inch.

Every 1PSI below 100PSI = 1.5% Loss of Efficiency

For every 1 PSI below 100 you have at the blast nozzle, you lose 1.5% of your efficiency. That means if you’ve lost 20 PSI and you’re blasting at 80 PSI, you’ve lost 30% of your efficiency. That’s more than a day and a half per week of lost productivity.

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