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Make it 2 bull hoses, please!

Ever wondered if your crew can produce more – with less?

It’s true, after 50 years of ignoring how choked blast pots and over full blast hoses cause POOR PRODUCTIVITY, we’ve learned that using the SAME air supply with the CORRECT valve system can boost production and PROFITS by up to 40%

Lets look at the reasons
A 100psi @ 450cfm compressed air supply will reduce in pressure by 2psi per 20 metre 2” diameter hose length. We understand that every 1psi lost means 1.5% lost productivity – so if we lose 10psi, we lose 15% production – meaning we need to work Saturday, instead of finishing Friday!

So if you’ve got a 1” compressor feed hose, you’ll lose 4psi per 20 metre length, and now you’re working on Sunday!!!

How to reclaim your pressure?
Fit 2 x 2” “BULL hoses – 10 metres in length, to your compressor.

Why? This allows “free-flow, unrestricted compressed air to fill the blast machine – with VOLUME AIR, rather than RESTRICTED air.

You’ll blast faster with the increased VOLUME and PRESSURE, and your compressor will work easier too. Think of the fuel savings!

Call us to discuss the set up you have been using – we will recommend the right solution – and provide you with a ROI (return on investment) guide so you can really see how your PRODUCTION PROFIT will scale up!

We want to know what questions, challenges, and problems you’re facing – either with blasting or painting – that we may be able to solve.

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