Containment Sheeting Rental for Blasting Jobsites

Containment Sheeting & Scaffold Sheeting is available as plain or flame retardant. Comes as Blastclad sheeting or shrink wrap containment to suit a variety of applications to retain dust, capture fugitive abrasive, stop moisture ingress & worker safety. Elasticated scaffold sheeting ties are commonly used to fix sheeting to scaffolding.

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Containment Sheeting & Scaffold Sheeting

Heavy duty reinforced polyethylene containment sheeting with embedded scrim reinforcing and horizontal bands for securing sheeting to scaffold and permanent structures using power-tie elasticated toggle strap. Make job sites less susceptible to inclement weather and contains fugitive abrasive, dust, debris from escaping the work area.

Flame retardant or non-flame retardant

For any job site that hot work is being performed, or in an area where bush fire or arson is possible, flame retardant containment sheeting is the best alternative

Custom printing & branding

Containment sheeting is available with your brand, colors and company name – this can be done by digital printing or a branding insert interleaved in the manufacturing process (most economical option). There are minimum economical run quantities for private branding of containment sheeting – please inquire