75 cuft MegaBlaster Bulk Blast Pot with Dual Outlets on Skid



  • Blast Bulk Pot capacity 75 cu ft / 2100 liters
  • Manufactured by Schmidt to BlastOne unique specifications
  • Garnet abrasive capacity – 5 tonne Bulk Blaster
  • Ideal for mounting to the back of a truck
  • Comes with 2 Thompson Valve abrasive metering valves, can have upto 4
  • Skid Mounted Mega Pot


The Schmidt series of Mega Blasters are designed for high production site use. This includes project such as gas pipelines. Mega-blasters increase operating efficiencies onsite.

A major benefit is that they can be filled at the start of a shift and not need refilling till the end. This provides 2 benefits:

  • Instead of spending 10 to 15 minutes per hour refilling the pot, production can remain continuous.
  • Every time a pot depressurizes it fills with fresh wet air. By remaining pressurized less wet air enters the blast pot.

Eliminating the downtime required to refill a standard blast pot can effectively double the abrasive blasting/sandblasting productivity. Bulk blasters also reduce the manual handling of your blasting media. This is because bulk pots and mega pots can be filled pneumatically or with an overhead crane. An 8 tonne Mega blaster can be completely refilled in under 30 minutes. This gives it sufficient capacity to blast with four operators for a whole day.

The capability for multiple nozzles to blast simultaneously revolutionizes large abrasive blasting projects  . While standard bulk pots have provision for up to 6 outlets, they will run efficiently with one outlet.

These units are available with alternate mounting options: – leg mount, and yard or highway tow-able trailers. The same attention to ergonomic excellence that characterizes the smaller Schmidt blast pots also applies to the Mega blasters. This includes ease of access, ease of operation, safe at all times.

Options that are available for Mega bulk blast pots include:

  • Bulk Bag Rack.
  • Access Platform.
  • Alternate valving and Piping.
  • Union End Ball Valve for ease of maintenance.
  • Time Clock.
  • Operable as a mist blaster.

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Dimensions 102 × 79 × 97 in

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