Armex MaintenanceXL Baking Soda Media with SupraKleen


  • Comes in 25kg bag
  • General purpose media for light coating removal
  • Added SupraKleen will ensure it disolves quickly for effective clean up.


BlastOne is an authorized Armex distributor. Armex is a non-destructive blast cleaning system. MaintenanceXL contains SupraKleen rinse accelerator. This grade has all the features of MaintenanceXL plus a rinse accelerator. This improves cleaning capabilities and simplifies clean-up. 14 different formulations available. Armex media requires blasting through an Accustrip blaster. Accustrip systems gets Armex media to flow. As a lightweight media, Armex is difficult to get to flow. See us for a full range of abrasive blasting and industrial coating systems. There’s a BlastOne store near you.

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Dimensions 130 × 130 × 110 in

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