Blast and Vacuum Workhead Kit with Wheels


  • For blast and vacuum work typically on flat surfaces
  • Largest workhead available
  • Wheels help applicator to hold on the surface
  • Must fit VC BV201 nozzle holder to the hose you intend to use with this workhead
  • Uses long venturi nozzles up to ½’ Orifice
  • 75mm vacuum hose connection point


Largest Blast & Vac Workhead in range. Typically used for blasting flat surfaces. Wheel attachments help improve productivity and capture of blast.

Integrity of operation requires that operator keep the Brush Seals in contact with the work surface. This blast and vacuum tool has four wheels which help the operator keep a good seal on the surface. Uses an inner and outer set of replaceable brushes to provide a seal against the work surface.


Use on dust sensitive projects where containment is not possible. Suitable for removal of toxic paints like lead.


  • Blast and vacuum workheads attach to most standard blast machines.
  • Requires a separate vacuum source to keep the workhead under negative pressure.
  • Recovers abrasive and blast debris.

Ask your BlastOne Area Manager for a customized Blast “N” Vac solution.

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6.5 × 16 in

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BNV-6 Workhead DataSheet

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