Schmidt 3.5 cuft Blast Machine


High efficiency pressure hold blast system with Thompson II metering valve, auto air valve, and pneumatic deadman controls.  Pressure is held in the blast machine when the deadman handle is released.  This means a much faster start up and shut down, which is more efficient and lower wear in any situation, and perfect if you are doing spot blasting or short bursts of blasting.



The 3.5 cu ft pot is an ideal unit for any job requiring high production work.  The easy to fill capacity will mean less down time refilling the hopper.


  • Capacity: 3.5 cu ft/ 100 liters
  • Abrasive capacity:
    • Garnet – 600 lbs / 270 kg
    • Steel Grit – 975 lbs / 440 kg
  • Height:  49″ / 1245 mm
  • Length:  30″ / 762 mm
  • Width:  22″ / 559 mm
  • Pressure:  150 psi
  • Hi-Flow Moisture Separator
  • Sure-Fit Handway Gasket

Document Downloads

Download Product Data Sheet BMS 6.5 Blast Unit