Conversion Kit Upgrade for Pressure-Release Combo Valve System

SKU: DM2223RK00

  • Kit is designed to replace the Dual inlet/outlet valve systems
  • Retrofit Kit includes:
    • 1 -¼ (32 mm) Combo Valve with blowdown hose
    • Response deadman control handle and twinline hose
    • All fittings needed
  • Note: Does not include the Pusher Line Kit or MicroValve – order separately


Why should you upgrade your Inlet/Outlet system to a Combo Valve Deadman control?

The Combo valve is a combined inlet and exhaust valve that is quick to actuate, easy to maintain and minimizes pressure loss. Many Inlet/Outlet systems have inbuilt restrictions that can drop pressure by at least 10 PSI. This reduces your productivity by 15%.  The Combo valve is guaranteed to have a pressure loss no greater than 0.5 PSI. Rebuild of the valve can done in just over an hour. All the seals and common replacement parts are included in a low cost service kit.

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