DeFelsko PosiTector SST Probe and PosiPatch Starter Kit


  • Soluble Salt Tester for measuring Chlorides on a blasted surface
  • Probe and PosiPatch Starter Kit only
  • For measuring the concentration of soluble salts on metal surfaces in accordance with ISO 85026,9
  • Probe fits standard and advanced PosiTector body
  • PosiPatch attaches to steel with no residue, no sharps, no needles required
  • PosiPatch starter kit includes 5 PosiPatch rings, 2 syringes, 2 dispensing tips and magnetic ring

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The PosiTector Soluble Salt Tester (SST) is a soluble salt tester for measuring the concentration of soluble salts on a metal substrate.  This system measures in accordance with ISO 8502-6, and 8502-9.  For testing on blasted substrates, DeFelsko utilizes a magnetic ring to capture de-ionised water washed over the surface, this extracts surface chloride contaminates.

  • The built in conductivity probe is specifically designed for ISO 8502-6,9
  • Measures test duration, the temperature of the sample, conductivity (µS/cm) as well as surface density (mg/m2 or µg/cm2)
  • Gage interface is very simple to use, with literally 1-2-3 Bresle Test directions
  • When performing multiple tests, it saves a blank background measurement for ease of use
  • As with all PosiTector gauges, the gauge and body are completely interchangeable with others in the series
  • For A shortened version on how to use the PosiPatch Bresle Method Patch, or for a full webinar on the gauge (25 minutes) PosiTector SST Webinar
  • Connects via USB, WiFi, or Bluetooth to PosiSoft PC, Mac and Smartphone software
  • Certificate of calibration traceable to NIST (Long Form)
  • This probe conforms to ISO 8502-6/8502-9, US Navy NSI 009-32, US Navy PPI 63101-000, Navy NAVSEA 009-32, AS 3894.6, IMO MSC.215(82), IMO MSC.244(83), SSPC Guide 15, ISO 11127-6, ASTM D4940

Additional information

Weight 3.62 lbs
Dimensions 4.02 × 13.94 × 11.14 in

Document Downloads

PosiTector SST Soluble Salt Tester Manual

PosiTector SST Soluble Salt Tester Quick Guide

PosiTector SST Soluble Salt Tester Brochure

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