Dust Tape Test Kit


There is a direct correlation between surface cleanliness and coatings adhesion, and this is an inspection kit for the quantitative analysis of dust contamination on a steel surface that’s been prepared for painting.


Designed to be used in the field to measure the level of cleanliness against ISO Standard ISO 8502-3 for “Assessment of Dust on Steel Surfaces Prepared for Painting – Pressure Sensitive Tape Method”


  • Sturdy Binder to hold all forms, including visual comparator, tape, scissors, and illuminated magnifier
  • Standardized report forms including all information required by ISO 8502-3
  • Illuminated magnifier has glass optics for a clearer view
  • Display board of levels of dust accumulation and size comparator for light and dark particles
  • Black and white contrast files
  • Scratch-resistant, transparent plastic sample transfer sheet
  • Pictorial instruction manual


  • 10X Illuminated Magnifier
  • Adhesive tape to specification BS EN ISO 8502-3
  • Scissors
  • Sample transfer sheet
  • Comparator display board
  • 25 standardized report forms
  • Pictorial manual