GMA Garnet ExcelCut Water Jet Abrasive


  • The Sharpest and Hardest Waterjet Garnet Abrasive
  • Hard rock almandine garnet mined, crushed, and milled for precision
    waterjet cutting
  • Designed and specially engineered to produce sharp angular cut
    edges on your workpieces
  • ExcelCut cuts faster than other garnets
  • Hardest Almandine Garnet available, crushed to suit the most
    demanding waterjet requirements
  • Follows strict quality control procedures to ensure that you
    have consistent particle size and remove any unwanted dust


GMA Garnet has been producing Garnet for over 35 years and is one of the largest manufacturers of garnet in the world. Taking special measures to ensure that quality is high through ISO Standards, GMA have become BlastOne’s partner of choice for all of those 35 years

Choosing the correct waterjet garnet is critical to ensuring machine uptime, and production performance. Having the ability to ensure a steady abrasive flow and to reduce abrasive consumption.


Maximize your cutting performance with BlastOne GMA Garnet

  • Maximize cutting speeds
  • Minimize garnet consumption
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Promote longer machine operating time.
  • No oversized grains to block your focusing tubes


Buy from a vendor/distributor with a secure supply chain.

  • The BlastOne and GMA Garnet distribution partnership has been going for 35 years and we are the #1 partner for distributing Garnet in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and South East Asia
  • When the entire Garnet market was thrown into panic for garnet supply after the Indian garnet market was stopped due to illegal mining, GMA and BlastOne continued to deliver without a hiccup
  • GMA Garnet ExcelCut is 100% USA mined and processed, ensuring that international trade throughout COVID-19 did not interrupt our businesses
  • Distribution warehouses all over USA to ensure you can get delivery next day or two day latest.

Sometimes it’s good to be transparent about who our competitors are, it allows you to compare apples to apples…
Typical Competitor product names include;

  • Barton Adirondack HPX Garnet
  • Barton Alltek HPA Garnet
  • Alluvial Garnet
  • 80# Classic Cut
  • 50# Garnet
  • 120# Garnet

Additional information

Skid Size

2200lb bulk bag, 4400lb bulk bag, 55lb bag on 2200lb skid, 55lb bag on 4400lb skid

Grit Size

120#, 50#, 80#

Document Downloads

Sales Brochure

ExcelCut 50 Mesh Product Datasheet

ExcelCut 50 Mesh Safety Datasheet

ExcelCut 80 Mesh Product Datasheet

ExcelCut 80 Mesh Safety Datasheet

ExcelCut 120 Mesh Product Datasheet

ExcelCut 120 Mesh Safety Datasheet