Mini Blast and Vacuum Recovery System


  • Abrasive holding capacity of 0.3 cu ft / 8.5 liters
  • Blasting rate up to 2.0 m2 per hour
  • Compressed Air Requirement 185 cfm
  • On wheels for easy access. Includes fork pockets
  • Recirculating compact blast & recovery unit
  • 100% compressed air driven – no electricity required


Mini Portable Blast and Recovery System with 0.3 cu.ft Blast Pot. Mounted on wheels for ease of movement onsite. Can blast and vac simultaneously, eliminating dust clouds and costly clean-up while improving visibility. Both functions are operable independently. This removes the need for a second piece of equipment on site. Makes abrasive blasting possible on previously prohibited sites. Very maneuverable to easily move in and out of small spaces. Can operate off a 185cfm compressor. Vac Head as well as 15m Blast and Vac Hoses included.

Document Downloads

Schmidt Mini BRS Brochure

Schmidt Mini BRS Manual

Schmidt G2 Pistol Grip Blast & Vac Workhead (VCBV125A) Breakdown

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