Mitey-Mite 1.0 cuft Blast Machine


  • Smallest production style pot available
  • The 1.0 cuft capacity will hold 70 kg of Garnet
  • Ideal for in-plant or onsite touch up work
  • Comes with Micro Valve Metering Valve
  • Comes with moisture trap
  • 1″ Piping


The 1.0 cu ft blast pot is ideal for small blasting tasks. Particularly touch up and spot blasting. It’s portability makes it ideal for limited access jobs. The 1.0 cu ft blast pot uses many of the components from the larger Schmidt Systems. This gives it their efficiency and reliability. This includes:

  • Full flow valving and piping to minimize pressure loss.
  • The micro abrasive metering valve which ensures accurate and consistent monitoring. This provides “grain by grain” control over the blasting process.
  • Ergonomic design makes this blast pot easy to move around.

Additional information

Weight 143.3 lbs
Dimensions 17.94 × 17.94 × 35.1 in

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