Monti Wire Wheel MBX Bristle Blaster


BRISTLE BLASTER The Electric & Pneumatic Bristle Blaster Kit is a portable surface preparation tool that combines the ability to produce an abrasive blasted finish with the high mobility and flexibility of a portable hand-held tool. The hardened angled bristle wheels works at up to 10x the speed of a wirebrush tool Portable surface conditioning kit ideal for small areas and ‘touch up’ work Can get into tight corners and angles Electric unit weighs 2.2 kg, no vacuum attachment Pneumatic unit weighs 1.2 kg, requires 10 cfm, includes vacuum attachment Achieves a surface roughness or profile of 40-120 microns with a finish similar to abrasive blasting, using hardened angled bristle wheels Kit includes; aluminum case, 10 x spare wheels (5 x 11 mm and 5 x 23mm), service tools and manual



Applications for Montipower Bristleblaster The process of bristle blasting is useful for:

  • Spot-repair.
  • As an alternative to prohibited surface preparation methods.
  • Removal of millscale, corrosion, old protective coatings, and postweld cleanup.
  • Wide range of fabricating and infrastructure-support operations. Onshore/offshore well drilling installations, bridge refurbishment,  fabrication and repair of naval/marine vessels and industrial maintenance applications.
  • Potentially explosive atmospheres.

How long does a bristle blaster wire wheel brush last? Depending on the application, but over 1 m² (10 ft²) before requiring replacement.

What is a bristle blaster? The BlastOne Monti MBX Bristle Blaster is a rotary wire brush. This unit can remove rust and paint on steel & other metallic surfaces.  BlastOne has a full range of bristle blasters & MBX accessories. Replacement MBX wire brushes are readily available from BlastOne. These come two widths, 11 and 23 mm. They are available in steel or stainless steel. The MBX Pneumatic Bristle blasting Tools is an alternative to needle guns. Cleaning rate for lightly rusted surfaces is 1.1 m²/10 sq.ft. per hour.

Two common models 1. Bristle Blaster Kit – Pneumatic 2. Bristle Blaster Kit – Electric.  Montipower Bristle Blaster belts need replacement on a infrequent basis & BlastOne suggests these are keep on hand to minimize downtime.

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