Nozzle Size Analyser Gauge


Used to determine the size of a blast nozzle for identification purposes and to calculate wear.


Worn nozzles cost money! A venturi blast nozzle interior has a shape and length specifically designed for it’s orifice size. This is to ensure optimum performance and efficiency. A worn nozzle is more costly to use for two reasons…

  • A bigger orifice requires more compressed air to maintain a desired pressure.
  • The even spread of abrasive across the blast pattern deteriorates as the blast nozzles wears.

To check the amount of wear in your nozzle…

  • Mark the rear of the engraved section of the gauge with a crayon.
  • Insert the gauge into the rear of the nozzle (threaded end).
  • Orifice size can be determined by observing the highest orifice size marking from which the crayon has been removed.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 8.58 × 2.925 × 0.897 in