Power Blast Suction Blast Abrasive Blasting Gun


  • Comes with with Abrasive Pick-Up Tube and Hose
  • Comes with ¼’ Airjet and ½’ nozzle
  • Ideal for where air supply is limited or for small jobs where setting up conventional pressure blast machine is a nuisance

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Ideal for touch up work with very difficult access. Works great with dry abrasive blasting when the air supply / psi is limited and the job is smaller. This portable alternative to a full blast pot is great for limited access work.  Jobs such as touch up or accessible by scaffold only. BlastOne also will help decide on the best abrasive for your project .

Additional information

Weight 15.65 lbs
Dimensions 20.28 × 22.62 × 3.9 in

Document Downloads

Portable Suction Blaster Brochure

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