Precision Dial Thickness Gauge (Inch)


  • Testex Analog Spring Micrometer, mil/thou (unit for microns pictured)
  • Fast and Simple Profile Measurement with Testex Tape
  • In conjunction with Testex Tape can measure from .8 to 6.4 mils
  • Used in accordance with ISO8503-5, AS3894-5 and AS1627-4 Standards


Surface profile – or roughness – is essential for providing a “key” for coatings to firmly adhere to the substrate.  However, excessive profile height can cause rapid coating failure, or at very least over consumption of paint.

Surface profile is affected by many factors including abrasive type, abrasive size, quantity of abrasive recycles, blast angle, nozzle distance, nozzle pressure, as well as substrate conditions.

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