RPB C40 Cool Air and Hot Air Tube


The C40 heat/cool tube is RPB’s most recent climate control device that controls how hot or cold your supplied air is, adjustable with a simple lever and knob.


The RPB climate control assemblies heat or cool your air supply as required for optimum performance and comfort when working in climate and environmental extremes.


The RPB® C40™ Climate Control Device can heat and cool your supplied air as desired.  With the slide of a lever, operators can switch from heating to cooling effortlessly, ensuring optimal levels of comfort.  With the simple switch of a lever,  this device can cool incoming air by as much as 52°F (29°C) or heat it by up to 33°F (18°C).


  • Includes: Easy flow control and temperature adjustment
  • Compatible: Nova3 and Nova 2000, any other RPB Respirator not using a PAPR system
  • Requires: 25 CFM at 55-80 psi
  • Made from medical grade Nylon – designed for harsh environments
  • Very low maintenance

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