RPB GX4 Gas Monitor


Protect yourself against the silent killer – Carbon Monoxide. Invisible and odourless … and fatal within minutes!


Carbon Monoxide – the silent invisible odourless killer. For the abrasive blaster, the RPB® GX4™ brings peace of mind. Even constant exposure to non-fatal levels of CO can cause health problems. Fatal levels of CO can cause death in minutes.

With it’s ability to detect up to 4 gases, the GX4™ protects you and your team from the “stealthy slayer”. The GX4™ kit comes complete with 3 blank sensor ports, 1 x Carbon Monoxide sensor and all necessary hoses, brackets and fittings. Additional Cartridges are available for the following gases – Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulphide and Oxygen. These cartridges last up to 2 years. They also come pre-calibrated.  Monthly calibration of the GX4™ unit is recommended and kits are available. Calibration of cartridges is not possible.

Unique data logging capability tracks and records the previous 2 years of CO Levels and alarms.  The unit itself has built in Wi-Fi for connection to laptop, tablet, phone or a network to view real time data logs and much more.


  • Pre-calibrated Gas Sensors – last up to 2 years
  • Versatile mounting bracket
  • Robust power and push release air inlets
  • Universal power options
  • NIOSH approved
  • Includes:
    • CO Cartridge set at 100ppm
    • alarm
    • air supply hose
    • One-touch connector
  • View your air quality from any device. Connect GX4™ from your laptop, tablet, phone or via a network.
  • Can be mounted to a Radex Airline Filter, GX4™ carry case or to the wall

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