RPB Nova 2000 Blast Helmet Radio Communication Kit – NovaTalk

SKU: HLNV09900

  • Suits RPB Nova 2000 Blast Helmet
  • Non-Intrinsically Safe(IS available)
  • Kit includes comfort Side Wings, quick disconnect cable and PTT button
  • Connects to most radios, need to specify which connection cable you need.
  • Can support an unlimited number of operators


Compatible with the RPB Nova 2000 blast helmet. The Nova Talk facilitates communications between the blasting operator and other team members.  Integrates with most common 2-way radio systems. Encased in the Nova 2000’s interior lining are the earpieces and microphone. In addition to this, other personnel working on the same radio frequency can tune in. It’s especially useful for crews working in tanks, shipyards and other difficult access areas.

Additional information

Weight 0.46 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 4.5 × 3.5 in
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